Welcome to
Arbutus West Animal Clinic

We are an animal clinic located in Kitsilano, BC, etc. What makes us different? An attention to detail, client service and dedication to evidence based medicine (EBM). 40 minute appointments, helpful staff, personalized follow-up from doctors, custom anaesthetic protocols, access to minimally invasive surgery, and extra staff on-hand to care for the pets in our care are just some of the ways that we aim to exceed your expectations about what a veterinary clinic can do!

We are excited to announce the opening of VANCOUVER EAST VETERINARY WALK-IN CLINIC

Dear Friends,

The staff and doctors at AWAC are all very excited to announce our sister clinic opening in January 2015 at 3033 Grandview Hwy.  Please see our facebook page for more news and updates.


4:1 Staff to Doctor Ratio

This is significantly higher than the average 3:1 ratio found in a typical veterinary hospital. This allows the doctor to focus on being a doctor and communicating with you, our valued client, while the staff can dedicate themselves to looking after your pet.


Your pet's comfort is our priority. From advanced pain control like epidurals, to continuous rate infusions for pain control. Our caring staff are passionate about critters! We make sure all pets are dry, warm and have everything they need to be comfortable in our care.


We often hear concerns about the safety of anaesthesia. The use of intravenous (IV) fluids. The dedicated staff members for anesthesia monitoring are included in the cost of all surgical and dental procedures at the Arbutus West Animal Clinic. With these measures and pre-operative blood tests, our anaesthetic complications are rare and mild.


We take the time to teach you how to make caring for your pet as easy and fun as possible. Whether it's teaching you how to give a pill to your cat, changing your pet's food, or providing supportive care at home, you will not have to do it alone. We have creative solutions for making medicating your pet easy: flavored medications, special "pill pocket" treats, and compounding medicine into liquids, pastes, and transdermal formulations.

Special Services

Only a handful of vets are experienced with “exotic” pets. We have a reputation as one of Vancouver’s most trusted and experienced exotic animal care centers. We are also home to Vancouver Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Service. If you are looking for an exceptionally innovative and dedicated veterinary team, and a warm, family hospital atmosphere, welcome!


We schedule 40 minute appointments - compare that to how long you usually get with a doctor! This will allow us to evaluate all aspects of lifestyle, diet, and exercise as well as perform a thorough examination and explain what we find. We do our best to educate our clients so that together, we may provide the individualized care you would expect for any valued family member. We love taking care of animals, and it shows in our dedication to doing it right!

Giving Back To The Community

In addition to the charity work with animal rescues, the Arbutus West Animal Clinic frequently hosts students from veterinary schools, technician programs, and pre-veterinary programs. We believe in supporting the next generation of animal welfare professionals.

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to high-quality veterinary care, right in your neighborhood? We think so too! Our vision is to provide care on par with a specialty hospital, but to do so in a local neighborhood clinic where we can build relationships with our clients and their pets. Many cases that other clinics refer out get handled in-house by Dr. Burstyn, and our clinical outcomes are generally on par with published outcomes from specialty centers! Our clients know that once they are a part of the Arbutus West family, their pets will be treated with love, skill, and compassion by our doctors and staff. When a referral is needed, our doctors will work closely with specialists to offer you the support your pet deserves.

I visited this clinic for the first time today to take in my pet rat, hearing that the clinic/doctor was very good at rodent care and diagnosis. I was able to get a very quick appointment the same day I called (which was amazing because the clinic seemed decently busy for the time I was there). The reception was quite friendly, and Dr. Burstyn was very caring and extremely knowledgeable. He also offered a broad range of treatment options for my rat and her potential ear infection, and the whole time I felt like my rat was in great hands. I would recommend this medical clinic to any pet owner, and silly as it may seem, I’d probably trust these people more with my own health than my family doctor!