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Our mission is to offer care and clinical outcomes on par with a referral hospital but in a warm and caring family practice setting, at a fraction of the cost.

This is why we were the first in the province to offer Minimally Invasive Surgery, why we have the only general practice internship in BC, providing post-graduate training to veterinarians dedicated to growing their skills and knowledge, and why Dr. Burstyn and his team are often sent difficult cases by colleagues who know we get good results and take compassionate care of patients, and the people who love them.

If you have been referred to see a specialist but cannot afford the cost or wish to pursue care in a warmer and more client-focused setting, give us a call! We also welcome second-opinion consults on difficult-to-resolve cases. If you have been struggling with a chronic health issue with your pet and would like a second opinion, we are here for you.


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